People are not engaging in the development of their cities.


Notice is a family of three online electronic devices that provide an on­street communication platform for planning applications and other city notices, replacing the text­–heavy sheets of paper that currently reside on lamp posts throughout cities. It is linked to a mobile app and a website which allow the public to quickly and easily respond to planning applications a process that was once far more complex. This modern and simplified method of communication will increase public engagement in city development.

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The People

  • Chloe

  • Chris

  • Monika


3 interns // 3 months // 1 brief

At the start of the internship we were set the brief to improve the lives of Brighton residents using connected technologies. Throughout the internship we had numerous mentors and, although working on a self­directed brief we were offered a real insight into the inner workings of Clearleft, taking part in workshops and training regularly.

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A word from Clearleft…

This internship programme was an experiment for Clearleft. We wanted to see what would happen if you put through talented young people in a room together for three months to work on a fairly loose brief. Crucially, we wanted to see work that wasn’t directly related to our day­to­day dealings with web design.

We offered feedback and advice, but we received so much more in return. Monika, Chloe, and Chris brought an energy and enthusiasm to the Clearleft office that was invigorating. And the quality of the work they produced together exceeded our wildest expectations.

We hereby declare this experiment a success!